Fairy Tale is the artistic child of musician, composer and producer Peter Kravec, who came up with the name while he was at college in 1994. Between the years 1995 – 1998 the band recorded three official demo MC tapes.

Then during the next four years Peter worked as a music and program editor and also as a dramaturge in a few FM radio stations.. In 2003 he was managing the band Chill on the Sun for a while and during that period he met the very talented vocalist Barbora Koláriková, the lead singer of that pop-rock band. Barbora was thrilled by Peter’s musical ideas and so they revived the name Fairy Tale again, together with the support of other guest musicians.

The first self released EP ‚Sound Mirrors‘ (2005) was a mix of rock, ambient, electronic and world music. Three years later they recorded full album „Dream“ (2008, Hevhetia) which came directly under the Slovak publishing brand Hevhetia. „Dream“ is closer to art-rock sound of 70’s with a melancholy haze. It keeps on getting very good reviews at home as well as in other countries. The third studio album „Loveland“‚ (2011, Hevhetia) is again an ambitious work and you can listen to another progressive rock songs with a touch of world music. Fairy Tale albums are very well produced because Peter Kravec has many years of experience and he also provides his own recording studio.

In the following years, a longer break follows, during which the side project Babokalyps was created. The debut album „Veľký voz“ (2017, Hevhetia) has a different acoustic sound in terms of genre, the lyrics are sung in Slovak, but the typical author’s handwriting is still recognizable.

In recent years, the members seem to be missing a bit of art rock sound again, so this period the band is working on new Fairy Tale stuff.